These Kids Clean Their Own Classrooms :)

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These Kids Clean Their Own Classrooms – And Have Fun Doing It
Should kids clean their own classrooms? Japan thinks so.
Posted by AJ+ on Monday, November 2, 2015

Cat bathing in a sink and a NicoNicoDouga mention

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I found this video of a cute japanese cat bathing in a sink.

きゃりこ猫カフェ - Cat café (Neko Café) in Tokyo

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As you may know, Japan has theme cafés. One of them is a cat café, where for an hourly cover fee you can enjoy company of cats, play with them or just watch and photograph them.
Walking around Tokyo we stumbled upon this cat café (きゃりこ猫カフェ) and just couldn't miss the opportunity to see it.
きゃりこ猫カフェ poster

Japan Trip 2012

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Here are some picture from my recent trip to Japan.
In short 21 days my friends and I visited Osaka, Kyoto, Kamakura, Nara, Kobe, Hiroshima and Tokyo.
Evo nekoliko slika sa nedavnog puta u Japan. U 21 dan naša mala grupa posjetila je Osaku, Kyoto, Kamakuru, Naru, Kobe, Hiroshimu i Tokyo.

Comic Market in Japan

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ふくたん - Fukutan - a Japanese Cat

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Is Fukutan a boy?
Is Fukutan a girl?

女の子です。 She is a girl.

No wonder I thought she was cute.

どうりで  - (douride) - it's no wonder / indeed
かわいい - (kawaii) - cute
思う - (omou) - to think
思いました - (omoimashita) - thought (past simple of 'to think')

男の子 - (otokonoko) - boy / male child
女の子 - (onnanoko) - girl

The Four Seasons - 春夏秋冬

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  -  はる  (haru)  spring
  -  なつ  (natsu)  summer
  -  あき  (aki)  autumn
  -  ふゆ  (fuyu)  winter

Japanese Maple in the Fall
SOURCE: Gigapic

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