Japanese Tourists in Croatia

Few days ago I had an exam in my Japanese language course. I received my little diploma and was very proud. On my way home I saw some Japanese tourists. They were speaking Japanese and I tried to understand what they were saying. All I could understand was: ここ まで (koko made). Google translates it as: so far.
They were driving in a tram (in Zagreb) at the time they were saying that and were pointing at a park (or the train station :)

I told my friend about it, and she said there were a lot of Japanese tourists in Croatia, especially in Dubrovnik. This reminded me of my last summer vacation I spent near Zadar.

Here are some pictures I took on the island of Pašman:


  1. konnichiha ^^ I'm japanese,thanks to facebook I have some foreign friends and my best foreign friend is Croatian :D I got to know about Croatia from him and I love super beautiful Croatia :)!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment!
    I think there is a lot of love between Japan and Croatia :-)

  3. hehe x)
    did you already know that two famous Ghibli movies "Porco Rosso"and"Kiki's delivery service"are set in Dubrovnik :)?

    1. Hi Mayu, just found this post and blog through my search, and noticrd you've mention some interesting facts about movie production in Dubrovnik. Here is a link to a little manifeatation my friends are putibg together, on the subject of relationship to Dubrovnik and film. It is planed to develope further, so if it interests you sometimes in the near future the detailes on the mention relationship would be available somwhere.. till thenhttps://m.facebook.com/Tisina.Molim.Dubrovnik/

  4. Although the water was pretty cold when we went I really enjoyed my time at this beach. The water is soo clear and there are some cool lounges/beach bars you can hang out at during the day.


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